EcoFluxx Review
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Players: 2-6 (ages 8+)
Playing Time: 10-40 minutes

In case you haven’t already noticed, I’m a big fan of the in-flux card game, Fluxx. So whenever a new version comes out, I’ve got to try it, to see how it compares to earlier versions. And the latest version—an updated edition of EcoFluxx—could be my favorite themed Fluxx.

Again, the rules of EcoFluxx are pretty much the same as they are for any other version of Fluxx (if you’re not familiar with the rules, check out my review of the original for more information). The game begins with the basic rules: when it’s your turn, you draw one card and play one card. But with each new card that’s played—whether it’s a New Rule, an Action, a Keeper, a Goal, or even a dreaded Creeper—the game (and its object) changes. The first player to match the Keepers in front of him or her with the current Goal wins (as long as there aren’t any Creepers on the table at the time).

The most obvious difference, of course, it the game’s environmental theme. The Keepers are mostly natural (from insects to nuts), as are the Goals. As you play, you might even learn a thing or two about nature—from hibernation and pollination to the food chain—making it a fun and educational card game.

With this version, it finally seems as though the Creeper rules have solidified. In earlier versions of the game, the Creeper cards were confusing—sometimes it was bad to have a Creeper in front of you, but sometimes it would actually help you win—and it was difficult to get rid of them. Now, there are specific ways to get rid of them. There are also fewer Creeper cards—just three of them—so you won’t find yourself buried in Creepers.

It’s not just the Creepers, though. In general, the game is more straightforward, with fewer puzzling twists. There’s less fine print on the cards, and there are more Keepers—which means less confusion and more winning possibilities. So if you like more complicated versions—like Martian Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx—you might find it too simplistic. But for Fluxx fans who prefer a more easy-going game—with just a few twists—EcoFluxx is the perfect compromise.

If it’s still not easy enough, though, the rule sheet also offers some suggestions for making the game even simpler (for younger and first-time players), by removing a number of the more complicated cards.

For all the fun of Fluxx with an eco-minded theme, try EcoFluxx. It’s easy to play—and highly addictive—and, since 5% of proceeds are donated to environmental groups, you’ll even help the environment by playing.

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