The Ragged End of Nowhere Review
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Ronnie Hagen leaves the French Foreign Legion and heads back home to Las Vegas with an ancient artifact that he may or may not have stolen. When he starts looking for a fence, he winds up with a bullet in his brain at the Hoover Dam. Unfortunately, the killer forgot to check to see if Ronnie had the artifact on him before pulling the trigger. Now no one can find what some believe is part of a Russian Jesus statueóor it could be the Dead Manís Hand.

When Bodo Hagen gets word that his brother has been murdered, he leaves Berlin to retrace his brotherís steps and figure out who might have killed him. But the only way to find answers is to find the historical object before anyone else does.

With the French Foreign Legion breathing down his back and various others looking for the Dead Manís Hand, Bodo has to stay one step ahead of themóor he just might end up like his brother over a relic he cares nothing about.

Since The Ragged End of Nowhere holds very little suspense, it took me an insanely long time to finish the book. I couldnít seem to stay interested in the plot for longer than two chapters at a time before I was hunting for something else to read.

Bodo Hagen didnít pull me in enough to care about his character, and heís a bit too insensitive for my taste. None of the secondary characters stand out either, so I ended up not really caring whether or not Bodo would find Ronnieís killer.

However, the story does pick up near the end, when it starts to move along at a faster pace. A surprise ending also helps to keep The Ragged End of Nowhere from being a total loss. So if you enjoy a slow and deliberate plot that takes place in the shadows of a glitzy casino town, you just might enjoy The Ragged End of Nowhere more than I did. But if, like me, you find a sluggish plot too boring, you might want to pick up something by David Baldacci instead.

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