Dunbarís Curse (Bound by Blood, The Legends Book II) Review
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Miles Dunbar rescued Hope Morgan from two thugs in an alley when she was just a child. Since then, heís watched her grow into a beautiful womanóa woman heís hopelessly fallen in love with. The only thing keeping him from declaring his love is the fact that heís a vampire. How will she take the unveiling? Will it terrify her beyond any hope of having her in his life, or will an unknown threat take her from him before he can find out?

Hope works long hours as a nurse, so when she starts receiving calls from her long-dead mother late at night, she wonders if sheís working a little too hard. Then, when sheís attacked by two men on the way home from the hospital, Miles steps in to protect her. He appears to keep strange hours, and thereís something not quite right about him, but she feels safer with him around.

Hope decides to take more interest in the business her parents left her after their death, but Miles doesnít trust her manager. He thinks the man is up to no good, especially since he wants a bigger interest in the companyóan interest that Hope isnít willing to give him.

Since I havenít read the first book in the Bound by Blood, The Legends series, while I read Dunbarís Curse, I felt as if Iíd been dropped into the middle of something. It kept me unbalanced, and I never did regain any equilibrium with the story. I also felt as if thought the characters were missing some important traits, and, as a result, I couldnít warm up to them.

Miles is only mildly interesting as a vampire, and he seems to be a bit too lovesick over Hope for my taste. Though I donít mind a hero whoís occasionally tender and sweet, I donít like them syrupy sweet, like Miles tended to be way too often. I like my heroes to act like men, so when they do end up in a tender moment, Iím much more likely to believe itís sincere.

Meanwhile, Hopeís only flaw is that sheís way too ordinary; nothing about her really stands out. I would have liked to have seen more of her personality come outóbut, instead, she remains somewhat muted.

In the end, Dunbarís Curse is just an average read. Itís neither bad nor good, but it isnít a memorable read, either.

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