Deliver Us from Evil Review
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Evan Waller remembers his days with the KGB as some of the best times of his life. But his memories are filled with the faces of those he mutilated, tortured, and killed for pleasure—and he loves to go back and relive those moments. In short, he’s a true human monster. Now the human trafficker has added another business enterprise to his empire—one that could affect countries all over the world.

Frank Wells sends A. Shaw, the arcane operative from The Whole Truth, after Waller to prevent the sale of black market nuclear materials to terrorists. However, Shaw doesn’t know that Waller’s also known as The Butcher of Kiev, Fedir Kuchin, who took up where Stalin left off. Shaw’s only concern right now is preventing him from helping terrorists—everything else takes a backseat.

Reggie Campion works with a vigilante group that goes after the monsters of the world who were never brought to justice. On her current assignment, Reggie ends up in Provence, a serene village in southeast France, hunting the same man Shaw is after. Unaware that their missions have crossed, Shaw and Reggie enter into a harrowing duel that could end with disastrous results.

Baldacci brings readers another adrenaline-packed suspense with Deliver Us from Evil. Plot twists and turns will keep you turning pages as you eagerly anticipate the clever outcome that’ll both surprise and not surprise you.

Shaw is as mysterious and obstinate as ever, and Reggie equals him in astuteness and intelligence. Together, they make one heck of a team. Shaw battles with the guilt from something that happened in his past, while Reggie struggles with the fact that she’s playing judge, juror, and executioner. But that doesn’t stop either of them from doing their jobs.

This riveting tale takes you from London to Paris and into the far reaches of Labrador, Canada. It’s loaded with plenty of action, along with disturbing scenes that are so vivid that you just might find yourself covering your eyes, as if you were watching a graphic movie.

Few authors are in the same league as Baldacci. And with outstanding characters, a clever plot, and suspense so heavy that it’ll bring you to the point of a violent explosion, Deliver Us from Evil proves that beyond any reasonable doubt.

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