The 9th Judgment Review
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As a young mother heads to her car after shopping at a local mall, she’s approached by an innocent looking man. Before she realizes that he’s not so innocent, he shoots her and her baby. Then he leaves a puzzling message written in red lipstick on the windshield. The woman and child won’t be his last victims.

High school English teacher Sarah Wells spends her nights robbing the rich of their jewels while they eat dinner one floor below her. The newspapers call her Hello Kitty, for her cat-like grace in getting in and out without a trace. Except something goes wrong on one of her heists, and she may end up being arrested for a murder she didn’t commit.

Superstar actor Marcus Dowling calls 911, claiming that a burglar shot and killed his wife after she caught the thief in the act. But Dowling’s story is inconsistent from one telling to the next.

Together with her partner and the members of the Women’s Murder Club, Lindsay Boxer works around the clock trying to stop a malicious killer before he guns down another mother and child. But the message he leaves at each scene just doesn’t make any sense because he keeps rearranging the letters. Then he asks for something, and he wants Boxer to transport it to him personally.

The 9th Judgment delivers a cruel punch with a serial killer who can sadistically shoot a baby and feel nothing afterward. He has a message to send, but the message is never really clear. I think I caught a glimmer of what it might have been, but I still wasn’t sure by the time I reached the end, which left me feeling a bit puzzled.

But, as always, Lindsay Boxer is tough and tenacious, and she dominates the lion’s share of the plot in this ninth installment of The Women’s Murder Club. But don’t worry; Yuki, Cindy, and Dr. Claire still pop in often enough, too.

My favorite character this time around, though, was Sarah Wells. Even though she’s a thief, I still couldn’t help but like her—because she’s only looking for a way out of an abusive relationship. I held my breath each time she snuck into a house because I just knew that she’d get caught—especially with the occupants still in the house—if she didn’t hurry.

Full of harrowing scenes and edge-of-your-seat suspense—with an ending you’re going to love—The 9th Judgment is enthralling entertainment that you’re going to want to experience. James Patterson and Maxine Paetro are an awesome team, and The 9th Judgment proves that beyond a doubt. Get your copy today!

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