Immortal Desire Review
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In the shadowy darkness of a nightclub, patrons are introduced to a drug so powerful that it ultimately leads to their death if they’re unable to break away. Yet there are those who cannot resist, or who simply do not want to resist. The drug? A vampire’s kiss.

Against her better judgment, Angela follows her best friend, Kit, into a club for the supernatural. While she waits for Kit to get her weekly fix of vampire feeding and sex, Angela nervously waits at the bar, where a half-breed (half-human and half-vampire) named Nicholai Wynters approaches her. He seems charming enough, but something about him scares her—yet she finds herself strangely drawn to him.

As Angela leaves the bar, she’s accosted by an angry vampire hunter named John who warns her not to go down the road she’s about to take. She ignores him and becomes involved with Nicholai and soon finds herself addicted to him in the worst way. But then things careen way out of control, causing Angela to seek John’s help.

Dark and frightful, Immortal Desire takes readers down a creepy path that’s filled with dangerous addictions and perilous sex, leading one woman to fight back with a vengeance.

Though Angela does something foolish, you can’t help but understand and root for her in spite of her moment of weakness. After all, doesn’t everyone fall victim to their weaknesses from time to time? What counts is that she pulls herself out of it and fights back.

John makes the perfect brooding hero, using the turmoil of his tragic past as fuel to fight for the innocent. Though this type of hero is overdone in fiction, I never seem to tire of it—and it’s made even better wrapped around a supernatural plot involving vampires as the bad guys.

With its subtle message, teamed with menace and forbidden cravings, Immortal Desire makes a very satisfying and pleasurable short read.

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