A Curtain Falls Review
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After his fiancée’s death, detective Simon Ziele moved to the small town of Dobson, New York, to get away from all the violence. But he soon finds himself back in the heat of things. This time, a former partner, Captain Declan Mulvaney, asks for his help in solving an unusual murder that just might turn into serial killings.  

A chorus girl is found dead on stage, dressed in the leading lady’s costume. She’s remarkably untouched—no bruises, cuts, or any other outer sign of how she might have died. It could possibly be ruled a suicide—except for the fact that another actress died in the same way not long ago. Theater managers want the deaths kept under wraps, lest it hurt their profits. But the killer keeps sending letters to the New York Times before he takes his next victim.  

Simon reluctantly asks for help from criminologist Alistair Sinclair. His methods are unorthodox, but he might be able to help find the serial killer, who leaves poetry beside the bodies, referencing the play Pygmalion. As they try to get inside the mind of a madman, the race is on to find the killer before he stages his greatest performance yet.  

If you want an exceptional and intelligent historical mystery, A Curtain Falls is the perfect choice. Detailed research forms a plot that’s teeming with twists and turns, giving it a thrilling edge. Ms. Pintoff definitely knows turn-of-the-last-century forensics, and it shows in her second Detective Simon Ziele mystery.  

Simon Ziele is a quiet character who will capture your interest with his tenacity in solving a case. He looks at all possible avenues, and he simply will not give up if it means saving the next victim or putting the right perpetrator behind bars. His tragic past also makes him an endearing character, especially since he keeps forging ahead with his life.  

Deep and exhilarating, A Curtain Falls will captivate you right from the beginning—and it won’t let you down. Though it’s heavy on details, it doesn’t bog down the action to the point of boredom. Instead, you’ll get caught up in its early twentieth-century forensics and criminology, which I found highly fascinating.  

A Curtain Falls is an excellent addition to this detective series. If you love mysteries, I suggest jumping on the bandwagon now, to get in on one of the best new mystery series to come along in ages.

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