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Sex, sex, sex—that’s all people think about these days. And that’s a good thing, as long as you’re only having sex with the person you married. That’s Sheet Music in a nutshell.

Sheet Music is the latest book by Dr. Kevin Leman, a well-known psychologist, radio and television personality, and speaker. He’s also an unashamed Christian who puts his faith at the center of this book. He’s doesn’t approach the subject like you might initially think. In fact, his approach to sex is as bold and in-your-face as Dr. Ruth ever was. Maybe even more so.

Sheet Music is a guide to how married couples can have great sex lives. It deals with the problems that couples have in the bedroom after they’ve been married for decades. It addresses the problems couples have early in a marriage when one or both of them had multiple sex partners before they were married. Dr. Leman goes so far as to provide a “how-to” section describing sexual positions. And he even dares to say that if you’re not having sex with your mate three or four times a week, then you’re robbing your spouse of the best part of marriage. Imagine that from a Christian counselor.

It’s a balanced book, in that Dr. Leman addresses the needs of both men and women. He talks about the things that men need to do (be attentive, come to bed clean) to make their wives want to have sex with them. And he tells women to be more flirtatious with their husbands and to understand that men are visual creatures so women should “give your husband a peek” on occasion. He talks about the problems that come from sexual abuse and from neglecting your spouse.

Overall this is a great book for couples that may need to kick start their sex lives. Naturally, Dr. Leman holds forth that sex is only for couples that are married. To each other. He tells the reader, and the clients of his counseling practice, to stop having sex before they get married. It’s not a stance that’s likely to be adhered to, but he makes a strong case for how sexual experiences before marriage can hurt a couple over the long run. He also uses the Bible extensively to support his position that married couples should have lots of wild sex. Be ready for that if your belief system is more in the secular vein.

Sheet Music is a good guide to sex for married couples. Your mileage may vary, but you owe it to yourself (and your spouse) to give it a try.

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