Boleyn: Tudor Vampire Review
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After King Henry VIII has his wife, Queen of England Anne Boleyn, executed under suspicion of witchcraft (the real reason being that she couldn’t produce a son), she curses God and rises from the grave as a vampire to exact revenge on the king. Her plan is simple: drive Henry insane and cause him to lose his power to hold the kingdom before taking his life.

But the king isn’t the only one on whom Anne focuses her wrath. She goes after everyone who ever did her wrong, including her father. With the help of Mark Smeaton, a violin-playing ghost who roams the corridors of Whitehall Castle, she terrorizes the king and those close to him—especially his new wife, Jane Seymour.

Anne’s only mortal companion is Thomas Wyatt, whom she later accidentally turns into a vampire. At first, he’s all too eager to help her get back at the king—for reasons of his own—until he realizes that her dark and twisted lust for revenge might destroy her, along with the rest of them, in the end.

In Boleyn: Tudor Vampire, Ms. Santiago brings readers a dark fictional tale involving Anne Boleyn after her death. Her desire for revenge is understandable, but you might not always like her character—especially when she takes things a bit too far. Yet she also has a gentle side, which smoothes over her hatred and meanness. I even got a good laugh or two out of some of her tricks, especially on the day when she decides to throw apples at everyone.

The story also has its share of rotting, grave-encrusted zombies, which Anne raises to do her bidding. Santiago’s descriptions are so vivid that I actually became a little nauseous—so if you love gore, you’ll greatly enjoy that aspect of the novel.

However, oozing zombies aside, Boleyn: Tudor Vampire is an immensely entertaining and well-written novel. It offers an intelligent (albeit vindictive) and sometimes humorous take on what Queen Anne might have done to get her revenge—and it all comes together in a satisfying manner.

Boleyn: Tudor Vampire is one of my favorites among Cinsearae Santiago’s offerings. I urge you to give this e-book author a try; she’s one of the best.

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