Dweebies Review
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Players: 2-6 (ages 8+)
Playing Time: 10-15 minutes

If you’ve ever felt like a bit of a Dweebie, you’ll feel right at home with this character-driven card game.

Dweebies is perfectly simple to learn—though, admittedly, it’s a bit tricky to explain without illustrations. Players begin with five Dweebie cards in their hand. The cards, in fact, are the stars of the game. Each one features a character—a Dweebie who’s very passionate about his or her hobby. Whether it’s dancing or painting or playing the bagpipes, these bright and colorful Dweebies are really passionate about what they do—and the illustrations will put a smile on your face each time you draw from the deck.

To begin the game, the first player chooses a card from his or her hand and places it face-up in the center of the table before drawing a card from the draw pile. The next player then places a card next to the first—above or below, to the right or the left. Players take turns playing and drawing cards until the entire deck has been played.

The goal, then, is to collect as many Dweebies as possible. To do so, you need to place your Dweebies carefully. If, for example, you’ve got a card in your hand that matches the Dweebie at the beginning of a row—and you play your card at the end of the row—you get to pick up the entire row of Dweebies and place them face-down in a pile in front of you. You could collect just two Dweebies at a time—or you could try to collect five or six. Whatever your strategy, though, the player who collects the most Dweebies wins the game.

Dweebies is all about matching pictures. There isn’t any reading involved—nor does it require any complex math—so younger players (most likely even those younger than the suggested age of eight) will have no problem mastering the basic rules. It’s a quick game to play, too—perfect for those short, younger-player attention spans.

Winning, however, isn’t quite as easy. Though you don’t necessarily need to use some kind of clever strategy to play, it doesn’t hurt, either. Still, luck definitely comes into play, too. You never know when an opponent will inadvertently help you out—or completely ruin your brilliant plan. You’ll just have to decide when to take a risk—and when to play it safe.

Win or lose, though, the lovable, colorful characters make Dweebies a fun way to pass the time on a rainy summer afternoon.

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