Into the Grae
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Pages: 77
Goes well with: Hot rashers of bacon followed by a slice of treacle tart

Like all White Rose books, Into the Grae by Nicola Beaumont introduces itself with a brief excerpt before the title page. And what an excerpt!

Felicity, riding across a Scottish moor in a storm-torn curricle while lightning and thunder fill the sky, thanks God for His present help and begs His aid in killing the mysterious Graeme McCracken.

But God’s help in braving the storm shifts to disaster, and the devilish Graeme seems almost heavenly when Felicity awakes. Which poses problems, of course, since she’s so sure God agrees that Graeme must die. All of this sets the scene for a delightful searching of the hearts and histories of all involved.

Graeme, also known as Lord Hamel, believes himself cursed by God. Indeed, his neighbors believe it too, so perhaps he’d not be too surprised at Felicity’s quest. But Graeme still listens and hears that small voice of God in his heart, unable to entirely turn his back on faith, despite his sister-in-law's insistence. Meanwhile, fair Eleanor, ten years widowed since Graeme's brother's accidental death, has dreams of her own.

Cursed as a monster, or just a handsome man dealt an unfair hand, Lord Hamel seems loved and admired in the confines of his home. Meanwhile, Felicity struggles between fear for her safety, fierce anger for her friend, and a wakening care for her host.

As love blooms, the first inklings of truth causes only pain. But Felicity is wise beyond her years and there might still be hope.

A fun historical romance, this book will season a happy lunchtime with danger, mystery and love.

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