Grown Ups Review
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Apparently, Adam Sandler and his old Saturday Night Live buddies have grown up. They have wives and kids and mortgages and weight problems. And that must mean that their days of ogling hot chicks and giggling at fart jokes are behind them, right? Donít count on itóbecause Sandler and his pals may joke about getting old and fat, but there isnít anything particularly grown-up about the comedy in Grown Ups.

Sandler stars as Lenny Feder, a successful Hollywood agent whoís got it all: a fabulous house, a gorgeous fashion designer wife (Salma Hayek), and a couple of spoiled rotten sons who spend their days doing nothing but playing video games and texting demands to their nanny. So when Lennyís beloved basketball coach dies, he sees it as the perfect opportunity to put their trip to Milan Fashion Week on hold and travel back east to reconnect with old friends while spending some time in the great outdoors.

The Feders end up sharing a lake house for the weekend with Lennyís four childhood friends and their families. Kurt (Chris Rock) is now a hen-pecked stay-at-home dad. Rob (Rob Schneider) has a bad toupee and a wife whoís old enough to be his mother. Eric (Kevin James) is fat and dull, and his wife, Sally (Maria Bello), is still breast-feeding their four-year-old son. And Marcus (David Spade) is still a confirmed bachelor and party animal.

Now, I know that thereís supposed to be some sort of plot hereóbut, for the life of me, I canít tell you what it is. Thereís something about a 30-year-old basketball rivalry, and thereís something about Lenny wanting his kids to act like normal kids. But none of that really counts as a central plotline. Instead, it seems like the whole idea was to round up a bunch of former SNL cast members (along with Sandlerís various old-faithfulsóand Kevin James), put them together in a big cabin on a lake for a few days, roll the cameras, and see what happens. Unfortunately, what happens doesnít have any kind of direction. It isnít all that interestingónor is it especially funny. Itís just an endless stream of the same old repetitive insults: Eric is fat, Robís wife is old, Lennyís rich and pampered, Kurtís a pansy, and his domineering mother-in-law (Ebony Jo-Ann) has bunions and gas.

In the few moments when the guys arenít flinging half-assed insults at each other or generally acting like overgrown 12-year-olds, it becomes painfully obvious that thereís no real point to this random, scatterbrained mess. Without the ensemble cast of big-name comics, it probably would have been (and should have been) released back in January, with the rest of the yearís comically-challenged comedies.

I canít really blame Sandler and his friends for wanting to get paid to hang out together at the lakeóand itís clear that they had a whole lot of fun at their little reunion. I just wish it was half as much fun to watch as it was to film.

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