Embracing the Wolf Review
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During a robbery at the diner where she works as a waitress, Kate Davis is shot while trying to save her boss from the same fate—and she’s also attacked by a dog that looks more like a wolf. Before she’s loaded into the ambulance and taken to the hospital, a man wants to know whether the wolf bit or scratched her. Confused, she doesn’t answer, because she doesn’t remember much of what happened.

After a string of robberies, all involving a man and a wolf, Richard Ritter of Ritter Securities becomes concerned that they’re dealing with a werewolf who might be picking out possible female victims to build his “harem.” And now Kate Davis has been marked by the rogue werewolf. Richard can’t let anything happen to her and her son, even if it means taking on the family curse and becoming a werewolf himself to protect them—something he never considered doing for anyone before.

Kate finds her world turned upside down as she and her son are forced to move into Richard’s brother’s estate, in order to be kept safe from a potential threat. As she hides from the outside world, she begins to fall in love with Richard. But then she discovers something about him that’s so unbelievable that she wonders if she’s gone insane.

Embracing the Wolf takes down-to-earth characters on a flight of the imagination to create a marvelous story of romance and intrigue. With an effortless hand, Ms. Bybee weaves a thrilling and alluring tale that you won’t be able to put down until it’s finished.

I could relate to Kate because she’s trying to survive on a minimum wage job. The last thing she needs is bad luck, but that’s just what she gets—which always seems to happen to people who are down on their luck. Still, she faces it with strength and determination.

And what woman wouldn’t want the help of a strong alpha male like Richard? At least Kate has enough sense to accept it, unlike a lot of heroines I’ve come across in my reading. However, Richard lends support without too much macho over-protectiveness, which makes him an even better hero. Few authors can strike that perfect balance, but Ms. Bybee is one of the best.

Expressive writing—along with stand-out characters and an interesting plot—makes Embracing the Wolf a fun, fast-paced, suspenseful novel. It’s an e-book that you won’t want to pass up.

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