Legend of Otherland
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Pages: 59
Goes well with: Shrimp and vegetable stir-fry with chocolate milk.

Bunker Charles lives on a planet where everything is perfect—no pollution, no crime, etc. But Bunker Charles has grown bored with waiting to grow up so he can become king of Otherland. He’s restless and wants to get out and have an adventure. Unfortunately, his parents won’t let him leave the palace, and poor Bunker would give anything just to have a buddy.

Fed up, Bunker escapes the palace and heads out for an adventure—and encounters a very dangerous witch and a harrowing fight for his survival.

One day the Evil Pencinell—who is really Bunker’s aunt— returns from the dark side to claim another child for her kingdom. She flies over Otherland, searching, then stalking her prey, before snatching them from the ground and carrying them away to the dark side.

Twelve-year-old Gittel is tired of working and going to school, and she wants to buy a canfer (a cuddly critter that looks like a baby seal). When she heads out to sell her lucky charm in order to have enough money for the canfer, she’s snatched by the Evil Pencinell and carried away from her home.

Bunker witnesses Gittel’s kidnapping and chases after the Evil Pencinell in his cobamole (a vehicle that can change to a motorcycle, airplane, or a submarine with the touch of a button) determined to save Gittel, no matter what. They end up on the dark side in a desperate battle to escape and return to Otherland.

Legend of Otherland is a cute modern-day fairytale that will appeal to children ages ten and under. It teaches about bravery and responsibility for one’s own actions, all wrapped around a fast-paced plot filled with thrills and a few chills.

With vivid imagery and a wild imagination, author C.H. Kelly brings to life a make-believe kingdom filled with strange creatures and futuristic inventions. Even now, days after reading Legend of Otherland, I can still picture both the dark kingdom and the light kingdom separated by a deep chasm.

Legend of Otherland is the perfect book to read to your children before bedtime. I hope to see more adventures about Bunker and Gittel in Otherland.

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