Primal Instinct
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Pages: 39
Goes Well With: an ice-cold Coors and a post-coital cigarette

I often have a hard time with these Lunch Break eBook reviews; the books are so short (which is sort of the point—they’re brief enough to be able to be read on your lunch break) that I have a hard time becoming involved with the characters or caring about the plot. But with Primal Instinct by Helen Hordt, it all comes together. I don’t have to care about the plot, because there isn’t much of one. There is, however, some very hot lovemaking and some rather raunchy dialogue. And I loved every page of it!

Erin Monroe is a young woman in need of some soul-searching. She checks herself into a remote lodge deep in the Rockies hoping to find some introspection and perhaps get a handle on her life, maybe even find her destiny. What she “gets a handle on” instead are Landon Kay and Nick Foster, two incredibly gorgeous young men who are rather good friends. Erin is more or less seduced by the two men, who later inform her of her incredible destiny.

Apparently Landon and Nick are shape shifters—they can turn into lions—who have been chosen to be co-dominants of their pride, and Erin is their mate. One would ask oneself how there can be two dominant males, and Hordt gives us an easy answer: because she says so, that’s why. Normally that sort of gaping plot hole would drive me nuts, but seeing as how the book is fewer than 40 pages long and really just one big sex scene, I let it slide.

I’m not sure why I found this particular ebook to be successful while others have fallen flat. Perhaps it’s because Hordt never tries to make it more than what it is: smut. And if you’ve read my Fabio Files column, you’ll know I love some good smut. The characters are one-dimensional, but they don’t have to be anything else—this isn’t exactly Crime and Punishment here. And surprisingly, I found myself pleased with the ending. I was happy to see those three crazy kids found a way to, er, make it work.

Between the graphic sex and the graphic language (Hordt certainly isn’t one of those romance authors who use euphemisms like “love’s sweet channel” and “burgeoning evidence of his desire”), this piece of fiction can only be described as “erotica,” and therefore most definitely NSFW (not safe for work)… and I for one am glad I work from home!

I’ll definitely be pulling this one out (yikes, no pun intended!) time and time again.

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