Chill Waters Review
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Jennyís Cove harbors dark secrets that no one wants to talk about. But when Rachel Warren buys her late grandmotherís house on Bay Road, those secrets start to come to light, reawakening an evil thatís lain dormant since a tragic murder took place in the small seaside town several years ago.

After a heart-breaking divorce, Rachel escapes to the town where she used to spend summers with her grandmother. She needs healing, but something strange seems to be going on, and the town isnít quite as peaceful as she remembers it. An older citizen with psychic powers warns her that sheís in great danger. Something has come back to Jennyís Cove and is mistaking Rachel for someone else.

As the town faces a spree of unusual crimes, including the murder of a teenage girl, Rachel struggles to find the strength to face this new adversary while fighting to get on with her life after having her heart broken by her cheating husband. With help of a local school teacher, she might just be able to pull through.

Right from the beginning, Chill Waters will draw you into a palpable darkness that leaps off the page and envelopes you. I love a good spine-chilling read, and author Joan Hall Hovey delivers with a thriller that had me looking over my shoulder and jumping at shadows. Ms. Hovey creates a creepy atmosphere that you can feel with every unsettling scene, giving you chill bumps in the process.

In spite of her broken heart, Rachel is a strong character. It takes guts to move on after many years of marriage, and I found myself relating to her on many levels. All of the other characters are down-to-earth and memorable, tooópeople youíd want to meet and know. And youíll hope that everything turns out well for the people in this small seaside town.

With a sinister atmosphere, engaging characters, and a touch of pure evil, Chill Waters is a novel that will make you hesitant to turn out the lights before going to bed. If you want a good old-fashioned scare thatíll leave you with the chills, you canít go wrong with Chill Waters. Itís some of the best psychological horror that Iíve read in a whileóand I canít wait to read more from this talented author.

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