Twisted Tails V: Apocalypses Now and Then Review
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The Twisted Tails anthologies have garnered a cult following—myself included. Each short story is always so atypical that it stretches your imagination like nothing else you’ve encountered. You’re often sucked into strange new worlds, where anything might happen and often does. Twisted Tails V, which focuses on entropy, is no exception, with its sixteen short tales of apocalyptic proportions.

Here are a few highlights from the anthology:

If you want to make sure that your family is taken care of—since you can’t seem to do it yourself—head over to the Auction House in “Uncurable” by Matthew Hance and buy terminal illnesses from those who are desperate to get rid of them. This is imagination at its best. The tale will draw you in and keep you clinging to hope for one man and his son.

What other horrors do cellular phones have in store for us? Find out in Marilyn Peake’s “Dialing the Future.” Perhaps psychosis awaits you down the road? Or maybe the world as you know it will end in a very peculiar way. This strange, abstract tale will keep you guessing—and its peculiar plot will have you looking at your cell phone with suspicion.

Can an alien technology make you feel human again by releasing tiny robots into your system, curing all your ills? JB from “Alien Roadkill ‘Dealbreaker’” by Steve A. Zuckerman thinks so. After running down a strange creature deep in the Louisiana swamp, he now needs to stay one step ahead of those who hunt him. Great characters and a fast-paced plot make this thriller a must-read. It would even make a great full-length novel.

Almost everyone likes music, but what if it no longer existed? What if it became illegal? Would you go into withdrawal? End up in jail for tapping your toes to a song in your head? Find out what happens to Taget in “The Day the Music Stopped” by Ann Dulhanty. This gripping tale might leave you humming a song right along with Taget—even though you’re not supposed to.

It was hard for me to pick only three or four short stories to highlight here—because all of the stories in Twisted Tails V are exceptionally mesmerizing and entertaining. I’m amazed by these talented authors and their vivid imaginations. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an anthology of this caliber anywhere out there. The tales are strange, but they’re oh, so engaging.

Settle back with your favorite drink and some snacks, and prepare for a long and gripping journey into the twisted minds of today’s brightest short story authors. But, first, make sure that you tether yourself to this world—or you might get lost forever in Twisted Tails V: Apocalypses Now and Then.

Ed. Note: To pick up your own copy of Twisted Tails V, visit Double Dragon Publishing.

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