Only in Novels
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Pages: 53
Goes Well With: A cup of coffee, a warm pastry, and a comfy chair at your favorite bookstore

Author Laura Briggs’s short novel, Only in Novels, is a story with an ironic twist: it’s an ebook about a brick-and-mortar bookstore owner who’s struggling to stay afloat. It was also the first book that I read on my shiny new Nook. But—despite its bookstore-killing electronic format, this sweet, simple story is sure to inspire a visit to your neighborhood bookstore, for a relaxing walk down the aisles.

As the story begins, bookstore owner Lannie Maxwell is anxiously preparing for an in-store appearance by Ms. Modern Homemaker—a favorite among her crafty patrons. The book signing’s success is crucial; it’s her last-ditch effort to keep the store in business. So when some tough, motorcycle-riding Indiana Jones lookalike shows up instead, Lannie is mortified. To her surprise, though, her customers are thrilled by the appearance of their favorite adventure novelist, D. E. Hensen—and the signing is a huge success.

When Lannie accidentally mentions the store’s precarious situation to the dashing author, he offers to help. But his vision for the store is nothing like her own—and he soon turns her peaceful literary retreat into a five-ring circus, complete with a handsome character in period costumes.

Sales are better than they’ve ever been—and even Lannie can’t resist the enthusiastic author’s charms. But she’s determined not to give up control—of her store or her feelings.

As ironic as it may sound, Only in Novels is a bookstore lover’s ebook. Set in a beloved neighborhood bookstore—the kind with comfy, overstuffed armchairs, overflowing shelves, and a handful of helpful staff members who know the store and its books inside and out—the story will immediately transport you to your favorite shop. Even if you’re sitting at your desk, reading the book on your computer screen while scarfing down a quick lunch, it’ll give you that warm, cozy feeling of a lazy Saturday afternoon spent surrounded by your favorite books.

Though the short story doesn’t allow for a whole lot of character development, you’ll still get a good feel for the main characters—and, despite their differences, you’ll like them both. Though Lannie is more reserved (a Jane Austen kind of girl) and Dex is more outgoing (a Three Musketeers kind of guy), they have one thing in common: their passion for books. And that shared love of literature brings them together with a common goal: saving Lannie’s store.

Author Laura Briggs keeps the story simple—a little bit of conflict and a hint of romance—making it a light and easy-going read. Escape with this cozy ebook during your next lunch break—then be sure to pay your favorite bookstore a visit on your way home from work.

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