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Pages: 36
Goes well with: Thick turkey sandwiches, apple pie, and fresh juice

Once there was a woman named Ruth who followed her mother-in-law to her homeland after her husband had died. In Merry K. Stahelís story, Faith, the woman is named Faith and the homeland is Colorado.

Being familiar with the Bible story isnít essential to enjoying this tale, but it certainly adds an intriguing and delightful extra dimension. Believing in a God that guides and guards and treasures the lives of His children isnít essential either, though the story enriches that belief. The author very gently places God ever-present and loving in the hearts of Faith and Ben, but cleverly keeps the characters honest and real, and avoids sounding preachy.

Faithís devotion to her mother-in-law, and her eagerness to help as Dulcie sets down new roots and struggles in search of new finances, is pleasantly portrayed. What could be sad and heavy becomes light because of Faithís smile, and even the loneliness of lost hopes is just a lightly painted backdropóFaithís sorrow, but not a definition of Faith.

Much of the story takes place in a garden center, and the scent of flowers rises from the page, tinged with the colors and hues of sunshine and accompanied by the tinkling of wind-chimes. The author creates her images beautifully. The rain can fall if it will, while you eat your lunch, but this lunchtime read will transport you to a summer garden. At least until the storm.

Faith, by Merry K. Stahel, is definitely one to enjoy, preferably in a garden surrounded by spring and lunching on fresh fruit, perhaps a slice of apple pie.

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