In His Sight Review
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Lorelei Connor has been running for most of her life, never staying in one place for more than a few months. Once her daughter, Laurel, starts having nightmares, Lorelei knows that her ex-husband is close—and, once again, they have to flee or risk the worst. Weary and longing for peace, they settle in Stars Crossing, Tennessee, where they meet a meddlesome teacher who’s concerned about Laurel. But Lorelei can’t trust anyone—not if she wants to keep her daughter safe.

When Carson Alexander first encounters Laurel in his classroom, he’s certain that there’s something strange and special about her. He also realizes that her mother is hiding something—but, then again, so is he. Cursed with visions of the future, he does his best to block them out. But God keeps tapping on his heart, urging him to open up to the gift given to him, so he can save Lorelei and her daughter from a vicious man.

Ms. Thibodeaux writes inspirational romance with an edge, making her characters and their fictional feel realistic, complete with all of the faults and problems that everyone has. It’s refreshing to read a Christian romance in which the imperfections show through, right along with the goodness that’s within the characters’ hearts.

The setting comes alive as the author paints her world with vibrant colors, adding just a bit of darkness. The glory of God and His mysterious ways shine throughout this tale of love and danger, in which Lorelei and Carson must trust in the Lord to bring them through this time of tribulation.

Suspense builds higher and higher with each page turned, until In His Sight detonates with an adrenaline-packed climax. This is one book that you’re going to want to read in one sitting, so pick a pleasant Sunday afternoon, relax in a hammock with your favorite reading device, and read this short e-book. You’ll be so glad you did.

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