Dragon’s Pearl (Darkness of Dragons, Book 1) Review
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Since Merlin’s time, dragons have been guardians of the keeper of the dragon pearl—an insubstantial but tangible object. Only one woman can find the pearl, and one dragon can become her guardian. Once one keeper dies, another must quickly take her place, or the world will be overcome by darkness and chaos.

Mona Rhys’s great-aunt Enid passes away on a storm-riddled night, leaving Mona alone in a big old empty house far from civilization. As a nurse, Mona doesn’t feel uncomfortable being alone with a body; her unease comes from something dark outside. She senses evil, but she can’t explain it. Her aunt left peculiar—but very specific—directions to be carried out after her death, and Mona plans on following Enid’s wishes, no matter how bizarre. Then the storm blows in a man who claims he’s there to protect her.

Vran Pendar hadn’t planned on arriving at Enid Terrick’s house in the way he did, but he needed to get to Mona before the gathering evil grew more powerful. They have a task to complete—as soon as Mona realizes who she is.

With the arrival of three more players, the battle is about to begin, and the outcome is not certain.

I’ve never had much interest in stories about dragons, but Ms. Toombs lured me deep into Dragon’s Pearl, and I had no desire to escape until the final act. The plot carries a sinister atmosphere that wraps around you, keeping you tightly enthralled and holding your breath as you await an uncertain conclusion.

Mona is a strong and smart heroine who, at the same time, looks beyond the believable if no other logic fits. She’s never put into precarious situations because of her own stupidity, which is a refreshing change from other female leads I’ve come across recently.

Vran proved to be a believable hero without becoming too cocky. He simply has a mission to complete, and he’ll do it with strength and honor. I also liked that his opponent is an honorable man, too. Only one man can win, but you’ll hope that the loser will come out all right in the end. Two yummy heroes in one book—a gal can’t beat that.

Dangerous magic—along with an epic plot in the making—will keep you hanging onto every word as Dragon’s Pearl unfolds. It’s an entertaining tale from start to finish—and I certainly plan on picking up the next book in the Darkness of Dragons series.

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