Night Demons Review
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One hundred years ago, the Courtwright family relegated one of their own, Nathan, to a place of torture and suffering. Trapped within a mausoleum, the demon within Nathan could not escape—until now. When the construction company opens the mausoleum near the old Courtwright mansion, evil escapes to try once again to free those depraved souls to prey upon the living.

Paul Stanford left Dark Harbor, Maine, ten years ago with no plans to return. Yet something calls him back—something dark and frightening—and it’s futile to resist. As years of bad memories assault him, he tries to hang on to the one bright spot: Jenny, the woman he left behind but couldn’t forget. Unaware of the key within him that will open the door to unspeakable evil, Paul struggles with his past while a demon stalks, waiting for the perfect time to prey on his weaknesses.

Jenny Thornton got over Paul, married, and brought a son into the world. Now divorced, she works as a doctor at Dark Harbor Memorial Hospital. When Paul waltzes back into her life, those old feelings return—but can she trust him?

Chilling and nerve-shattering, Night Demons will drag you into a world of darkness and evil that’ll leave your mouth dry and your pulse near the heart attack zone. Tension sizzles on the page and the suspense builds until, like a pot of boiling stew on the stove, it bursts over the edge, leaving you gasping for your next breath.

Each character stands out, unique and memorable. Even now, I can picture all of them in my mind—Mrs. Gaumont, Cindy, Sheriff Baker, Deputy Hudson, and Carl Speckler, among others. Paul is an average guy who has made some mistakes in his past, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to make more in the present. Yet you’ll cheer for him and hope he’ll stand up and fight this time. Jenny, meanwhile, is what every woman should be: strong, yet cautious—an admirable heroine who will capture your heart.

Howard Hopkins is one of the best horror authors to come out of Maine since Stephen King—and Night Demons, with its deep characterization, its exceptional realm of horror, and page after page of super suspense proves that tenfold. Don’t pass up this extraordinary novel by an extraordinary author.

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