Nowhere to Hide Review
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As Christmas approaches, Ellen Harris looks forward to seeing her sister for the holidays. Gail is the only family that Ellen has left, and she couldn’t be prouder of her sister, who perches on the edge of music stardom. Unfortunately, sudden tragedy strikes when Gail is brutally murdered in her apartment after a performance.

At first, Ellen falls to pieces and plunges into deep depression—but then anger sets in. Determined to find her sister’s killer, she heads to New York and begins to question anyone who might know something about her sister’s death. What she doesn’t know is that she’s looking in the wrong place; the killer is a little closer to home than she imagines.

Ellen’s friend Myra hasn’t had an easy life, but now she’s settled down with a wonderful man and started a family. Lately, though, her nightmares have become more intense, and she feels as if she should remember something that happened long ago at the Evansdale Home for wayward girls—a place steeped in scandal. It nags at her until she’s certain that she needs to remember before someone else dies.

In Nowhere to Hide, the suspense builds and builds, until you’ll be acutely aware that something explosive is about to happen—and author Joan Hall Hovey doesn’t disappoint. Not even the chocolate cake sitting on my kitchen counter could tempt me away from this gripping novel. I spent most of the night reading it because I couldn’t put it down, and then I spent the next day yawning because I didn’t get much sleep. Oh, but the riveting story was well worth it.

Once again, Ms. Hovey brings readers a plot that’s filled with chilling thrills and nail-biting trepidation. Many moments in the story are especially creepy—like when Ellen rents the apartment where her sister was murdered. On one hand, you’ll wonder why on Earth she’d do that, yet it somehow feels right. Whatever the case, Ms. Hovey makes it work.

With believable and memorable characters and an insightful look inside a psychotic killer’s mind, Nowhere to Hide is one of the best thrillers I’ve read since reading Ms. Hovey’s last book (see my review of Chill Waters). You don’t want to miss this one.

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