Emmy Budd, Donít Look Now Review
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Emmy Budd and her friend T.J. Blake were supposed to enjoy a Sunday afternoon movie together, but T.J. shows up almost an hour late and Emmy gets caught up in a mysterious note that she found in the phone booth across the street. Things get a bit hairy when the person who left the note returns for it and catches Emmy watching him.

A man named Charles Hunt leases the drugstore from Ed Fosterówhoís supposedly on an extended fishing trip down in Florida. After the drugstore blows up in the middle of the night, a strange man wearing a baseball cap starts threatening Emmy, nearly running her down on her bicycle several times. Someone wants Emmy Budd to keep her mouth shut, and if he canít scare her into silence, then he might just have to take things a step further.

Emmy Budd, Donít Look Now is a cute mystery with teen detectives who always seem to find themselves right in the thick of things. Since this is a novel meant for the 9-13 age group, nothing gruesome happens, and itís a pretty straightforward mystery. But itís still puzzling enough to keep readersí attention.

However, a couple of things about the plot confused me. I wasnít really sure who was supposed to be gaining what from blowing up the drugstore, and it isnít really brought to light by the end of the novel. You know who did it, but not why. Also, I didnít understand why the perpetrators hung around town after the crime.

Still, if youíre looking for a fun, interesting read for the tweens in your family, the Emmy Budd mystery series would be a good choice because of its cute teen characters. Emmy Budd is so lovable, and T.J. is the typical sidekick who doesnít always have a clue.

I would definitely recommend picking up a copy Emmy Budd, Donít Look Now, and Iíll be watching for the next book in the series.

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