Hypothermia Review
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When great writers are mentioned in reading circles, relative newcomer Arnaldur Indridason comes to my mind. His Icelandic thrillers haunt me long after Iíve read the last page. He takes an ordinary crime and twists and turns it into something that not only leaves a chill in your psyche but also manages to touch your heart at the same time. Thatís definitely the case in his latest thriller, Hypothermia.

Inspector Erlendur knows all about ghosts that haunt a troubled mind. His brother disappeared during a snowstorm on Eskifjordur Moor when they were boys, and heís not been able to get over it. For that reason, he spends a lot of his downtime searching for missing persons whose cases have long grown cold. But, this time, itís not a missing person; itís an apparent suicide.

Inspector Erlendur feels the need to investigate a womanís suicide, which took place in a cottage near Lake Thingvallavatn. Something about it doesnít sit right with him, and he has a burning need to understand why Maria took her life. But if he were to discover that it wasnít really a suicide, how on Earth would he prove it?

In addition to this case, his mind is also haunted by two unrelated disappearancesónear the same lakeówhich havenít been solved in the past 30 years. How can anyone just up and disappear without a trace like that? The answer, when it comes, will astonish you.

Hypothermia is a quiet thriller that will float around in your mind, haunting you with its beauty and tragedy. Every piece of the puzzle will baffle you as you try to understand motives and fit the pieces together in a believable patternóbut youíll never quite put it together. The ending is so profound and brilliant that youíll just sit and stare slacked-jawed at the page for several minutes, taking it all in. The word wow passed my lips more than a few times as I clutched the book in my hand.

Inspector Erlendur isnít the kind of detective who kicks a door down and races in with guns blazing and a witty one-liner. Heís more of a methodical player who prefers a well-thought-out plan; then he strikes at the crucial momentóand heíll leave you shaking your head and smiling while thinking, Now that was good!

Author Arnaldur Indridason brings out a wide spectrum of emotions in Hypothermia. I certainly didnít expect to be in tears at the end, but the storyís emotional depth makes this crime thriller so much more satisfying. Donít miss Hypothermia. And, above all else, donít miss reading Arnaldur Indridasonís Inspector Erlendur thrillers.

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