Sew the Perfect Bag Review
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Like most women, I’m constantly in search of the perfect bag—the bag that will carry just my keys and wallet…or everything I need for work…or enough clothes for a weekend getaway. I need something that’s chic and classy…or bright and fun. No matter what it is that I happen to be looking for, though, I just can’t seem to find it at my favorite stores—but I’m sure I’ll be able to find it in Sew News Magazine’s new book, Sew the Perfect Bag.

From basic totes to delicate, detailed clutches, the patterns in this book offer a little bit of something for everyone—whether you’re a relative newcomer to the craft or you’ve been sewing your own wardrobe for years.

These 25 bags come in all shapes and sizes—from the handy Water Bottle Sling and the decorative little Bangle Bag to the expandable Satchel and the Baby on Board diaper bag (complete with all the bells and whistles).

Though there are a few plain-and-simple bag patterns, there are plenty of surprises, too—like the Let’s Do Lunch bag with whimsical stitching or the cute and practical Travel Jewelry Roll. Whether you’re looking for a colorful case for your laptop, a cheery carry-on for your next vacation, or a sturdy bag for transporting a bottle of wine to a friend’s house for dinner, you’ll find it all here.

The materials are often unexpected, too. There are plenty of designs made of the usual cotton and canvas, but you’ll use a large bath towel for the Laundry Bag and mesh and webbing for the Mesh Beach Tote. You’ll also find yourself scrounging through your local thrift store for a wool sweater for the Ready-to-Wear Tote or an old nylon windbreaker for the Reusable Grocery Bag.

Most of the designs are pattern-free, with just a few that include patterns that need to be scanned, enlarged, and printed. The instructions are pretty straightforward, too, with plenty of illustrations and step-by-step directions.

While some of the patterns may seem super-simple, though, you’ll still need to know basic sewing techniques and terminology before you begin—because the book doesn’t offer a tutorial section or even a glossary. This isn’t Sewing for Dummies—and the instructions often rush through some of the steps, assuming that readers know what they mean (which, to be fair, Sew News readers probably do). New sewers like me, on the other hand, might get a bit lost when a pattern says to “box the tote corners,” without offering any additional instructions.

Whether you’re looking for a new purse to match your favorite outfit or a roomy tote bag to for packing weekend essentials, though, you’re sure to find it in Sew the Perfect Bag. A trip to your favorite fabric store and a little bit of sewing time are all you’ll need to produce just the right bag for every mood and every occasion.

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