Revolutionary New Service to Debut at North Carolina Mall
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CONCORD, NC Concord’s men and women alike are anxiously anticipating the beginning of the new year. Why? Because, on January first, the new first-ever guy-care service opens in an American mall.

Marge’s Guy-Care has been in the planning stages for several years now, and it’s finally becoming a reality. And Concord residents can’t wait.

For a minimal hourly fee, female shoppers at the Concord Crossings Shopping Centre can leave their men—husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, boyfriends—with Marge, and they’ll be free to shop for hours. Maybe even days.

While in Marge’s care, the men can relax on couches, nap, read magazines (Marge’s is stocked with every sporting and men’s magazine available), play video games, or watch television. Marge is constantly on-hand to break up fights—whether over television channels or toys. She’ll keep the boys under control while serving them soda, coffee, and her extra-special homemade cookies.

Owner and Operator Marge Hopkins says that she has no idea why no one thought of this before. “There has always been a definite need for something like this,” she said. “As a wife and mother—and now a grandmother—I know that it’s impossible to shop when you’ve got some guy dragging his feet behind you, begging you to take him home so he can watch the game. If you would have asked me twenty years ago, I would have told you that I’d pay anything for something like this.”

And women agree. Said one Concord shopper, “I’m so glad Marge is doing this. I don’t even care how much it costs. My husband always just ends up sitting on a bench somewhere, looking grumpy. Now he’ll be so happy to go to the mall that he won’t think twice about how much I’m spending while he’s playing with the other boys.”

While Marge’s services include just the basics now, she hopes to be able to add other features—such as a full arcade, virtual reality, and a basketball court—in the near future. According to Marge, “If all goes well, it could even become a nationwide franchise.”

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