I Didn’t Hear Anything Review
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Every now and then, I come across a romantic comedy that floods my heart with sunshine—a romance that leaves me grinning instead of groaning with distaste. Author Jenni Holbrook’s I Didn’t Hear Anything brought out the sunshine, and I’m still grinning, even hours later.

Ever since her grandmother died and left the house to her, Courtney Nash has been trying to snag the attention of the sexy chief of police who lives across the street. Still, he just goes on ignoring her, as though they hadn’t been best friends before Courtney’s mother dragged her off to Los Angeles when she was fifteen. But Courtney is convinced that Owen McNally is her soul mate—at least the spirit of her grandmother seems to think he is—so she concocts a crazy scheme that might just blow up in her face.

Owen doesn’t know what to do about Courtney Nash and her “spirits.” She even claims that her grandmother talks to her from the beyond. He would think it was totally nuts if it weren’t for the fact that he thinks he hears Lilly Nash’s voice in his head, too. But Owen has bigger things to worry about. A burglar is on the loose, and Halloween is only a day or two away. Bad things always happen on Halloween. It was the night that Courtney left him all those years ago, and he hasn’t enjoyed Halloween since.

The juvenile way that Courtney tries to get Owen’s attention should have left a bad taste in my mouth, but it didn’t—because it totally works in this novel. Courtney is so adorable and funny while putting on her act that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. And the voice of her grandmother in her head, trying to help, makes it even more hilarious

Owen, on the other hand, plays the stoic, rational male to perfection, making his arguments with Courtney’s grandmother in his head even funnier. I just knew that both he and Courtney were going to be ready for the funny farm before all was said and done. I kept thinking, These two definitely belong together. And the mushy feelings I got at the end were well worth the read.

Comic, delightful, and just plain enjoyable, I Didn’t Hear Anything is the perfect read to put a little sunshine in your heart and reawaken the romantic in you. Grab a copy and see what I mean.

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