Cat in the Mist
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Pages: 33
Goes Well With: A chicken sandwich (topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo), crinkle fries, and Diet Coke.

When Karma Santiago finds her employer, Henry, slumped in death, she’s saddened by his passing, but she also believes that he might have been murdered—but she can’t go to the police with nothing more than her gut feeling as proof. Who can she turn to for help? Certainly not Henry’s arrogant grandson, Blake Alexander, who shows up unannounced just in time to miss his grandfather’s funeral.

Blake has a problem that needs to be cleaned up—and that problem is Karma. He suspects that she knows too much about Henry to let it go. However, he just can’t bring himself to vigilantism to protect his kind, no matter how justified it might be. But Lou insists that he kill Karma, and if he doesn’t, Lou will. There’s no way this can end, except in a bad way.

Author Sonja Foust sure knows how to ramp up the foreshadowing in a plot, keeping it tense and entertaining. From the beginning of the story, you’ll be aware that something’s not quite right with Blake, yet you won’t believe that he’s a bad guy, either. As you read Cat in the Mist, you’ll cling to the plot, knowing that something intense is about to happen—and you won’t dare to take your eyes off the screen until you find out what it will be.

The only complaint I have with this short novel is with the unnecessary sex scene near the beginning. As hot as it is, it still feels as if it was thrown in to add extra spice where none was needed, since the mysterious storyline could have sufficiently carried the plot without the added sexual seasoning.

Still, Cat in the Mist is an alluring and engaging story that’s sure to make your lunch break enjoyable. After reading it, you’ll return to work with a smile and a brighter outlook for the rest of the afternoon.

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