Coming Back Review
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In Marcia Muller’s last mystery, Locked In, private investigator Sharon McCone suffered a bullet to the head, which left her in a locked-in state—alert consciously but not physically. Now, in Coming Back, she’s on the road to recovery, struggling to mend her body and mind. But it’s a frustrating battle, and her relationships are suffering because of it. Her husband, Hy Rapinsky, has been especially distant, and her team doesn’t seem to trust her.

Meanwhile, a friend from physical therapy disappears under bizarre circumstances. Whoever took her essentially erased her life, making it as though she never existed. Then a mistake on Sharon’s part results in the disappearance of one of her own team members, Adah Joslyn, causing everyone to doubt her recovery.

Determined to come back better than she ever was, Sharon pushes herself to the point of exhaustion, but she won’t quit until she solves the case and proves that she can still do the job. But if she’s not careful, she could just end up dead.

Always loaded with page-turning suspense, Ms. Muller’s Sharon McCone mysteries are starting to become one of my favorite series. Though Sharon sometimes comes off as a cold sort of person, the mystery is packed with intrigue and tension, and her methods get the job done. However, I don’t quite understand why she’s uncomfortable with guns—especially when she often needs them to protect herself. It sounds a bit like the author’s viewpoint about guns is intruding on her characters and their story.

In this installment, I especially appreciated Adah Joslyn’s disposition. She’s tough and likeable, and I loved her positive outlook, despite knowing that she probably wouldn’t get out of her situation alive. The fact that she didn’t just sit there and wait to be rescued is a testament to her strength of character.

Complex and perplexing, Coming Back will draw you into a mystery that’s not easily solved. You’ll hang in there with the characters as they fight to find their way back to the light. I definitely recommend picking up a copy and getting caught up in the world of Sharon McCone for a while.

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