The Willow Witch (The Nightmare Club #3) Review
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Poor Allie May Carpenter—Alliecat to her friends, if she had any—has been trying to gain membership in The Nightmare Club for months, but those stubborn boys refuse to see what an asset she can be for the club. After all, she can beat any boy at arm wrestling. But when the New Salem Witch flies across the moon, Allie sees her chance to prove her worth.

Allie has her suspicions that Jimmy Gibbens, New Salem’s number one bully, freed the witch from the grave by removing the athame buried under her headstone, which keeps her prisoner. When the witch nearly captures Allie, she realizes that she’ll need the help of The Nightmare Club in order to put the witch back where she belongs.

If the New Salem Witch catches seven children in seven days and boils them in a stew, she’ll be all-powerful, and Allie isn’t about to let that happen. She’ll be as brave as she has to be to free those already taken and prove to the boys of The Nightmare Club that she’s as good as they are—maybe even better. Then they’ll have to let her join.

The Willow Witch is my favorite book in The Nightmare Club series, not only because I like witch tales but also because Allie is the same type of little girl that I was: always tagging along behind my cousins while we spent summers riding bikes, playing in the woods, and building ponds by the creek. We never faced anything as scary as a ghost, though!

If you crave a read that will leave you gasping with fear along with the characters, then The Willow Witch is right up your alley. Young adult readers will find themselves holding their breath each time the Willow Witch rides through the night, chasing down unsuspecting kids on her broom. She’s especially creepy when she speaks, which isn’t often enough.

With its fast pace, its motley group of young characters, and it creepy houses and cemeteries, The Willow Witch is sure to satisfy any young reader’s hunger for something scary to read. Be sure to pick up copies of all three of the books in The Nightmare Club books; your young reader will thank you for it.

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