Blood Sins Review
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Not long ago, I drifted into the local discount supermarket and started sifting through the bargain bin of books, not really expecting to find anything worth reading. But my persistent search led me to a hardback novel by Kay Hooper, and I nearly shrieked my good fortune for all to hear. I restrained myself and greedily tucked Blood Sins (a Noah Bishop/Special Crimes Unit novel) next to my purse in the buggy.

In the secluded town of Grace, North Carolina, every now and then a body washes up on the banks of the river. Two are thought to have been members of the cult-like Church of Everlasting Sin, run by the callous but enigmatic Reverend Samuel. The victims have died in such a horrific manner that it defies science.

Noah Bishop of the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit is reluctant to send an untried psychic into the compound, but Tessa Gray looks the part of a grieving widow who can be easily manipulated by the likes of Reverend Samuel—and they need him to believe that Tessa is vulnerable in order for her to gain access to the close-knit society. Bishop believes that Reverend Samuel can use the unit’s gifts against them—and he seems to be feeding off some kind of energy, making him grow stronger and stronger.

Sheriff Sawyer Cavenaugh is convinced that something nefarious is going on at the Church of Everlasting Sin, but he can’t find any proof. When Tessa Gray shows up, he tries to warn her about Reverend Samuel—because he doesn’t want hers to be the next body snagged on a branch in the river.

I’ve missed a few of the Noah Bishop Special Crime Unit novels in the series, and now, after reading Blood Sins, I’m eager to go searching for them. Blood Sins is by far one of the creepiest novels in the series, and it hints at even creepier ones in the past—as well as more to come in the future. I’m most interested in reading more about the psychic who’s visited by ghosts who warn her of impending doom. Ms. Hooper gives readers just a hint of her in Blood Sins, and I anticipate more in future novels.

Each of the psychics in the Special Crime Unit has a special ability—from visions of the future and past to seeing ghosts. In this book, the focus is on Tessa’s telepathic abilities, and some of the psychic noise she hears is downright sinister. My skin crawled with goose bumps throughout most of Blood Sins, though a lot of what I read didn’t make sense until it all came together in the end.

Thrills and chills—along with a few surprises—await you in Blood Sins, and you’ll salivate for more when the book is finished. I know that I want to rush out and pick up the next book in the series, and so will you.

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