The Deadly Dragon (The Nightmare Club #2) Review
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Fleeing from their abusive father and husband, Orville Turner and his mother leave Colorado and settle in New Salem, Maine. Orville hates the spooky little town that always smells of clams, and he ends up letting his anger get the better of him. It often lands him in detention, much to his motherís frustration. She isnít even willing to listen when he tries to explain that the last fight was because he was protecting a girl from the school bully.

A band of oddball ghost hunters offers Orville membership in the Nightmare Club, but Orville isnít sure that he wants to be friends with a bunch of outcasts. He doesnít believe in ghosts, eitheróthat is, not until he walks by the deserted mansion on Tuttle Street and sees the ghost of the Dragon Boy. However, if he doesnít make friends and stop getting into fights, his mother will send him to a special school, where ghosts and bullies will be the least of his troubles.

When bullies start disappearing from school, Orville gets dragged into the search for an angry ghost boy who wants revenge. If they donít find out whatís bothering the ghost and put things right, heíll claim another victim.

The Deadly Dragon is not only a spooky young adult tale, but itís also a lesson in getting control of your anger, finding something else to focus on, and bringing purpose to your life. Above all, itís about doing whatís right, no matter how it might hurt you or cause you trouble.

I loved reading the good-naturedóalbeit sometimes unkindóbanter between the boys, which lends a wealth of snappy and realistic dialogue to the story. At the same time, Orville brings a bit of maturity to the group, making him a natural leader in spite of his anger problems.

If boys must be part of a gang, then the Nightmare Club would be a good choiceóbecause it actually strives to help others rather than brining them down. Even though the members often sneak out at night to work a case, I wish that young boys of today would find such a place to belong, instead of the bad alternatives.

With its creepy atmosphere and frantic escapes from ghostly danger, The Deadly Dragon will keep you entertained from start to finish. Any young adult who likes to camp out in the backyard will want to bring this book along to read by flashlight while hiding inside the sleeping bag. But beware: it might scare you back into the house.

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