Luminous Nights Review
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With the help of her genetically-enhanced canine, Jet, Rachel Waters carries the mail through the Draconian Galaxy on her ship, Caprice—and that’s all her job calls for. But lately she’s taken to doing a little more—like smuggling medical supplies to her sister on an outlawed Alba VI station. She’s also taken on a passenger who’s supposed to be dropped off in Desdemonda, and that’s supposed to be the end of it. However, she didn’t count on a prison riot to muck things up.

Imperial Marshal Jack Luminous spent five years in a prison on Null trying to gain information about a top secret Alliance project called the Gemini Tick—a device that can change a person’s identity. Jack knows that it works because he’s not really Jack Luminous. His mission is to collect the remaining Gemini Ticks and keep them out of the hands of men who will use them only for evil purposes—and he’s not above killing to complete his assignment.

When the Caprice gets sucked into a wormhole and tossed into another galaxy, Rachel and Jack have to try and trust each other enough to save the blue people and their planet from the gang who stole the Gemini Ticks, finish Jack’s mission, and get back to their own galaxy alive—all while sharing hot kisses and passionate nights.

Set in the future, among the stars, Luminous Nights will draw you into a fascinating world that’ll capture your attention with it new technology and a galaxy of planets, native inhabitants, and indigenous creatures to explore. Ms. Hart knows her make-believe world well, and she’s able to bring it to vivid life.

Though Jack is a scoundrel through and through—and you won’t know whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy—you’ll like him anyway, since it seems certain that there’s more to him than meets the eye. He’ll exasperate you with his lies and manipulation, and then he’ll turn around and charm you with his charismatic personality.

Rachel, on the other hand, is too good-hearted. She nearly gets them killed several times, which sometimes frustrated me beyond endurance. However, I did admire her spunk and her fierce protection of weaker characters. She steps forward and makes the impossible possible—not bad for a heroine.

Meanwhile, the sexual tension between Rachel and Jack nearly drove me up the wall. But the wait was well worth it—and I’ll never be able to look at chocolate in the same way again.

Passionate and imaginative, Luminous Nights is an amazing e-book read that you don’t want to pass up—so point, click, and download it today.

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