Flowers by Felicity
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Pages: 55
Goes Well With: A hot bowl of vegetable soup and a glass of iced tea

After her second engagement was broken off, Felicity Carmichael asked God to lead her in the right direction. He led her not to another man but to her very own business: Flowers by Felicity. Though starting her own flower shop hasn’t always been easy, she absolutely loves what she does, and she’s learned to be content with her life. Still, she can’t help but feel just a little bit jealous of her best friend, Abby, who’s just married the man of her dreams.

Felicity was more than happy to design the flowers for Abby’s wedding—but after Abby’s brother, David, publishes unflattering pictures of the flowers in the town’s newspaper, she fears that it could be the end of her business.

David is desperate to make up for his mistake, but Abby is hesitant about spending time with the handsome newspaper editor. Her heart has already been broken too many times—and she has no intention of letting it happen again.

Flowers by Felicity is a sweet short romance about a woman who’s still suffering from the pain in her past—and a man who’s determined to get beyond the wall that she’s built around her heart. It’s all about giving God control of your life—and letting Him lead you to love.

If you’ve ever had your heart broken, you’ll be able to relate to Felicity’s story. It takes time to heal a broken heart—and Felicity’s wounds are still so fresh that she’s afraid of entrusting her heart to anyone else. Her reluctance to spend more time with David is definitely understandable, though it sometimes makes her seem cold and standoffish.

Fortunately, though, David isn’t willing to give up. Unlike Felicity, he isn’t afraid of his feelings—and, with his sister’s encouragement, he continues to pursue her, even as she tries to push him away. Despite his initial misstep, he’s a sweet and thoughtful man, and he’ll do anything for her.

While the characters are lovable, though, they’re simply too perfect. Their story is also a bit too sweet—and a little old-fashioned. It’s made quite clear that Felicity started her business only after she completely gave up on her lifelong dream of becoming a wife and mother. When she begins falling for David, she seems convinced that she’s not supposed to be with him—because God obviously wanted to her to own a flower shop instead of having a family. It never seems to occur to her that she could do both.

Still, Flowers by Felicity offers a valuable reminder that God has a plan for your life. If you’re struggling with a broken heart of your own, this sweet lunch break e-book is sure to bring you a bit of hope.

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