Dead Like You Review
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Twelve years ago, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace investigated a series of rapes by an individual who took the victim’s shoes. Then, suddenly, the crimes stopped. The cases were never solved, and the last known victim disappeared, along with Grace’s wife. Now, it seems as though the Shoe Man has returned. But is it a copy cat, or did the same perpetrator resume his activities after a long absence?

At a New Year’s Eve ball in the Metrople Hotel, the first new victim is raped; a week later, another woman is attacked. The offender leaves no DNA behind, making it nearly impossible to catch a break in the cases. Detective Grace delves back into the past in order to find some clue to help him unlock the current mystery. He also hopes to solve the disappearance of the other woman—a possible victim of the Shoe Man—who was never found after the rapist dropped off the radar.

With as much manpower as he can snag, Detective Grace works around the clock to catch the Shoe Man before rape escalates into murder—if it hasn’t already.

A compassionate and driven man, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace will capture your attention and admiration as he tirelessly searches for a young woman who vanished years ago—while, at the same time, trying to bring a brutal rapist to justice. He never gives up, and no victim is ever forgotten in his mind.

Dead Like You will immerse you into the world of a rapist with a shoe fetish, taking you on a suspenseful expedition that spans from the late ‘90s to the present. With a host of possible suspects, the story will keep your mind busy as you try to figure out which one might be the true rapist.

Palpable tension—in both the past and present cases—hits the highest point before dropping suddenly and leaving your stomach in your throat as Dead Like You races to a clever and unexpected conclusion. We haven’t seen the last of some of these bad guys, and I can’t wait to read more in the next Roy Grace thriller.

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