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In Portland, Oregon, on a cold, slushy morning, a semi truck lurches out of control, crosses the median, and slams into a Volvo, killing all of the occupants except one. David Price walks away from the wreckage, barely scathed. This does not amuse the death bringer.

After recovering from a head injury, David tries to get on with his life, but he can’t seem to concentrate, and he loses his accounting job at a prestigious firm. He also keeps encountering a woman with freaky red hair, dressed in a leather coat and spiked heels. So he decides to slow things down until he’s fully recovered, and he takes on a temporary accounting job. He travels from one place to another doing the books for various businesses. And death follows close behind.

At each location, someone in the company is murdered or dies in a freakish accident. Harassed by the red-haired woman, David hires an investigator to find out who she is, which proves to be impossible. With blinding headaches making his life miserable, he begins to question his sanity.

As you travel down the road with The Rep, many questions will run through your mind: Did the accident cause psychological problems for David? Who is this seriously freaky red-haired woman? Who murdered the employees? Was it David? The Rep? Or something much more diabolical? You’ll sift through many plausible answers, but, in the end, you’ll only get it partially right.

The Rep is as much psychological horror as it is tangible horror—and the suspense will drive you to the brink of psychosis. I simply had to keep reading to find out what exactly was going on with David Price.

David Price is a normal, down-on-his-luck guy who just wants to find a spot of happiness somewhere—but fate loves to muck up lives. Still, David keeps pushing onward, searching for answers and reaching for hope. Gotta love a character like that!

In the tradition of the horror movie series Final Destination, The Rep will drop you into a horror-inducing brush with death. It’s out to get us all—and although the inevitable might be postponed, none of us can win against death in the end.

If you have a morbid fascination with death, The Rep will more than satisfy your curiosity, while leaving you with something to ponder long after you’ve read the last page.

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