Dragonís Diamond (Darkness of Dragons, Book 2) Review
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After his battle with Vran Pendar in Dragonís Pearl, David wakes up naked on the beach with no memory of who he is or why heís without clothes. The only thing he remembers is his first name. When a young girl named Kam bursts out of the woods and begs him to help her sisteróand they end up healing her with just his touchóheís even more confused. Kam claims that she had a vision of David falling from the sky during a lightning storm. Whoóand whatóis he?

Tima Pasanen allows David to stay and help out around her small farm until he can remember who he is. He appears to be harmless, and her little sister, Kam, seems to trust him. Since Kam can sense things about other people, it puts Tima at ease. And Tima canít deny her own awakening feelings for the stranger.

When the witch, Louhi, shows up to take Kam away for a few days, David feels uneasy about the old woman, for reasons he can only attribute to the life he no longer remembers. Heís certain that, if he doesnít remember soon, something bad could happen, plunging them all into darkness.

Once again, Jane Toombs kept me mesmerized with a fantastical dragon story. The characters are natural and realistic, making the plot flow along a normal path in a chronicle that will take you on a flight of imagination right up to the grand finale.

Kam is a precocious and mature young lady who seems at ease with her gift, although it can be frustrating at times when her visions arenít clear. David once again proves that heís an honorable and brave man whoís willing to do what it takes to make their world a safer place to live. And Tima lends quiet strength and wisdom to the plot as she loves Kam and supports David in his struggle to remember.

With dark magic and an evil witch whoís fighting against the forces of light, Dragonís Diamond is an engaging and suspenseful read. Itís not easily set aside, even when you have something more urgent that needs to be done. So be sure to pick a quiet day, when you can read this absorbing novel from start to finish without stopping.

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