Notes from Rainbow Bridge Review
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We’ve all probably received the email—maybe even more than once—about Rainbow Bridge, where all dogs go after they die to await their human companions’ arrival. It probably made you cry, while it also made you feel hopeful that all dogs go somewhere safe after their death. Beth Szillagyi’s short novel, Notes from Rainbow Bridge, gives you a deeper look at Rainbow Bridge, through the eyes of a Samoyed dog named Chloe.

First, Chloe tells you about her home on Earth and her wonderful human named Anna. Chloe is lucky, since not all dogs find such a home. Some spend their lives in misery from abandonment and abuse.

After Chloe’s long and happy life, she dies and wakes up at Rainbow Bridge. Instead of heading back down to Earth for another go, knowing that she may not be as lucky the next time around, Chloe tells the stories of several other dogs—and a few other pets, too—before they get to Rainbow Bridge. Some are happy stories, some are hopeful, but most are sad.

Written in the style of a letter to Earth, Chloe’s stories will reach into your heart—and you won’t soon forget them. They made me want to gather up all of the abused animals and make their life better—or, at the very least, volunteer at an animal shelter.

Notes from Rainbow Bridge is one of the sweetest novels I’ve ever read. It brought tears to my eyes, and it made me wish that such a place as Rainbow Bridge truly does exist—but I’m pretty sure that God must have a special place in Heaven for pets.

Heartwarming and uplifting, Notes from Rainbow Bridge will fill your heart with tears and joy. It’s a must read for any animal lover—especially dog lovers, since most of the stories are about them. Anyone who has lost a beloved pet will be able to relate to this wonderful novel. Please do yourself a favor and read it.

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