One Small Victory Review
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On a dark, crooked highway, a young driver—who’s high on life and drugs—defies the speed limit. He thinks he has it under control until he hits something in the road, sending the car airborne. In the twisted metal of the wreck, the driver is not alone. He’s just killed his passenger—his best friend, Michael Jasik.

In a fog, Michael’s mother, Jenny, fights to get through the arrangements for her son’s funeral. Divorced, with two other children and an ex-husband who doesn’t seem to care about any of them, she has to hold it together until her son’s body is laid to rest. Only then can she allow the anger and grief to take over. And that’s when she strikes back at the drug dealers who hang around the school’s playground.

Jenny joins the police department’s drug task force, hoping to work her way up to the main man behind the drug trafficking and put him out of business. As a confidential informant, Jenny hits the pavement most nights of the week, trying to gain a street dealer’s trust. The higher she climbs on the trust ladder, though, the more she risks her life and alienates her family. But her determination to wipe out the drug dealers in her neighborhood keeps her on track, and she won’t stop until she finds some sort of justice.

I have two sons of my own, and I cannot imagine losing them in an accident—especially when caused by something as senseless as drugs. So, as a mother, the first scene of One Small Victory filled my heart with horror, and I pray that I’m never faced with such a tragic moment.

One Small Victory will draw you into one mother’s desire to fight back and make a difference. With guts and determination, Jenny heads into dangerous drug trafficking territory. Though she puts herself into a situation that gets her in way over her head, I still had to admire her courage. The whole situation could have heaped a lot more grief on top of her family, yet she still went ahead with it.

With heart and soul and plenty of suspense, One Small Victory careens toward an outcome that could end in disaster—or it could result in one small victory against the war on drugs. Nothing is certain, and you won’t breathe easy until the story’s conclusion.

One Small Victory is a rare jewel among e-book reads, so I suggest that you download it now—right this minute. Go, go, go!

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