Conversation with Self Proves Inconclusive
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GUALALA, CA Gualala man Leonard Peterman held a lengthy conversation with himself yesterday afternoon as he walked through the streets. Unfortunately, to Peterman’s dismay, at the end of the conversation, he was still completely indecisive about where to go for dinner.

Peterman, who was planning to take his wife and son out for dinner, had a very difficult time settling on the perfect location. While on a brisk walk a few blocks from his office to a small coffee shop where he was meeting a client, he discussed the issue at great length.

“We could go to Jimmy’s,” he mumbled, his head down, his eyes on his feet. “They have great meatloaf there. Robbie likes meatloaf.”

“…But Michelle hates meatloaf,” he reminded himself. “It reminds her of when she was a little kid and her mom made her eat meatloaf every Tuesday. We could, however, go to Pierre’s House of Beef. They have all kinds of great stuff there! And Michelle loves their beef fries.”

“…You’re forgetting, though,” Peterman pointed out, “that Robbie had that birthday party at Pierre’s that one time, and Pierre the Purple Cow wouldn’t let him wear the cow hat. He hasn’t gone to Pierre’s ever since.”

He avoided running into a fellow pedestrian as he asked himself, “So what if we go to Sam I Am’s Green Eggs and Ham? Michelle and Robbie both like that place.”

“But I just don’t feel like green eggs and ham tonight. I feel more like… Swedish food,” he told himself.

“What about Wally’s PlayPalace and Swedish Food?” he suggested.

And just as he was considering his suggestion, he had reached his destination. He still can’t think of the perfect place to take his family.

And neither can he.

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