The Wolves of Andover Review
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In the mid-1600s, Massachusetts struggles to throw off British tyranny. Soldiers who fought in the English Civil War hide in Colonial America in order to avoid capture and an agonizing death. Life for these early settlers is never certain—if not threat from disease, then from wolves in their many disguises.

As her twentieth birthday approaches, Martha Allen arrives to work as a servant in her pregnant cousin’s house, where her father hopes a suitable man will come along and claim Martha as his bride. But Martha is headstrong and proud, and she refuses to marry just because it’s what she’s supposed to do. Yet she still longs for the comfort of a companion and, perhaps, love. The mysterious hired worker, Thomas Carrier, might fill that void.

Thomas Carrier carries a heavy burden in his heart. The only things he truly wants are peace and a place to call home. Not until Martha came along did he desire to share that peace with someone else. As they spend more and more time together, he begins to talk about his shadowy past—a past that’s about to catch up to him.

The Wolves of Andover is a mixture of both romance and historical mystery. As you read, you’ll marvel at how mature Martha, a young woman barely out of her teens, can be—yet she has to be because of the time period in which she lives. She appears to be an old soul in a young body. She’s tough and strong—but not to the point of being unlikable.

Thomas, meanwhile, may be hiding something, but it doesn’t mean that he’s weak. He’s the perfect mate for the times—strong and dependable—and I have no doubt that he would be able to keep Martha safe from his past. And no matter what they’re faced with, he will never abandon her.

If you enjoy an enduring romance and a thrilling mystery all wrapped into one, you can’t go wrong with The Wolves of Andover. It will draw you deeply into the 1600s—and as you finish reading the last page, you’ll feel as if you’ve actually paid the time period a visit.

Kathleen Kent is an author that I’m definitely keeping an eye on for future reads.

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