All Hours Trading Review
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Ann Milton of Milton and Associates is not your normal financial planner. She advises the undead and supernaturally underserved. Her stock tips keep them rich and happy, which is good for both the living and the undead. For the past ten years, she’s advised and dated a centuries-old vampire named Lancelot Cheron, who is a mystery that she tries not to think too much about. He’s phenomenal in bed, and that’s all she needs to know right now. But maybe that’s not such a good attitude to have.

On a train trip to the office, Ann meets another attractive and mysterious guy named Shay Weiland. When she offers him a train ticket (because he forgot his wallet), he asks her to lunch to make up for it. But, after the meal, something about Shay feels off—and Ann senses that something is seriously wrong. She learns too late just how wrong everything is.

Even though I felt as if I were dropped into the middle of All Hours Trading—a bit more background information on the characters and plot might have helped—it was still a seriously comical and fun read. I laughed out loud more than once, and I loved the witty phrases and unconventional imagery.

Ann...well, let’s just say that she’s not your average heroine. She wears a size sixteen, but she manages to personify sex appeal with a hero who craves her just the way she is. She’d rather hide in a corner than face an adversary, yet she’ll crash through the gates of hell to save a friend. And the most hilarious thoughts go on inside her head. I absolutely adored her.

Lancelot, meanwhile, is your average badass vampire who would bankrupt the world’s economy to pay the ransom on Ann (if she is, indeed, kidnapped), just to get her back in his arms. That right there is enough to make a woman swoon, not to mention that he’s awesome in bed. In short, he’s not even realistic—but, boy, ladies, you’ll sure wish he were.

The ending is so over-the-top—but totally fantastic—that it had me doubled over in laughter, with a heaping side order of delight. The conclusion smacked me upside the head, and that’s just one of the many things that made All Hours Trading such a great read. Grab a copy and see what I mean!

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