Blood of My Brother Review
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Jay Cassio grew up in a rough neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey—a city swept by race riots in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. But his best friend, Danny Del Colliano, always had his back. As the years swept by, Jay lost his parents in a plane crash, married and divorced, and went through several lovers, all while studying to become a lawyer. None of those loses matched the pain he endures when Danny is murdered.

Danny was supposed to deliver half a million dollars to Florida—to a beautiful woman named Isabel Perez—but after Danny is tortured and murdered in a hotel room, both Isabel and the money go missing. Now Jay is on a mission to find Isabel, get answers, and seek justice for his friend’s death.

When Jay and Isabel cross paths, their world explodes into danger as powerful alliances strive to eliminate them both before secrets are exposed that could bring down a major crime organization with ties in both Mexico and the United States.

In author James LePore’s second novel (after 2009’s A World I Never Made), readers are introduced to another likeable average guy who’s placed in extraordinary situations. Jay Cassio is determined to find his friend’s killers when no one else seems all that concerned—and he’ll go the extra mile to help a woman who has been abused by men since she was fourteen.

Isabel Perez, on the other hand, is not your average heroine. She’s had to learn use her intelligence and charm to survive, while always searching for a way out of the situation that life has thrown at her. Her determination to rise above misfortune makes her an admirable character.

Blood of My Brother races from New Jersey to Florida and on into Mexico, with hold-your-breath suspense through every mile of the way. At the same time, readers will get caught up in the complex relationships and friendships that endure beyond even death.

Author James LePore is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the thriller genre, and Blood of My Brother proves it with a twisting, multifaceted plot that entertains and keeps readers guessing at every turn. He only gets better with each new book, and I plan on buckling in for the ride.

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