Lycan Love Review
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In legends, a Lycan who makes love to the woman who’s destined to be his soul mate shifts into his wolf form against his will. On the next full moon, his soul mate then turns into a werewolf. One-night stands probably aren’t a good thing in this case, but that’s exactly what happens to our hero and heroine in Lycan Love.

On her twenty-third birthday, Jennifer Hart heads out to the Full Moon Bar for a good time—and possibly to meet a guy. She ends up having a one-night stand with the co-owner, only to have him rudely toss her out right after they’ve had sex. Degraded and humiliated to tears after her pride takes a major hit, Jennifer has no intentions of ever going back to that bar.

All Lucas Wilde wants is a night of mindless sex. Instead, he makes love to his soul mate and has to kick her out before she witnesses the shift into a werewolf that he can’t control. He has no time to explain the situation, and he can only hope that he’s able to find her back before the next full moon, to convince her they’re destined for each other before she shifts.

A well-written and enjoyable paranormal story, Lycan Love will draw you in with a little bit of suspense that’s wrapped around a hot romance between two characters whose fate takes them along an unexpected road.

Even though Jennifer asked for what she got by going home with a man she’d just met, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat sorry for her. The way that Lucas kicked her out was truly brutal—talk about humiliation! I also got the sense that she wasn’t really a one-night stand kind of girl, which helped me like her a whole lot more.

At the same time, Lucas may have been a jerk in the way that he threw her out, but he had a very good reason, so I couldn’t dislike him too much. Not only that, but he also took responsibility for his actions and didn’t abandon her to her fate, which garnered my respect for him.

Throw in a bitter ex-lover and a pack of evil werewolves, and Lycan Love becomes a high-quality thriller in addition to the romance. I hope to see more from this talented author.

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