What Tangled Webs Review
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Before I started reading and reviewing e-books, I never really liked short story collections. But then I discovered a whole new fascinating world of fiction—if it’s done right, that is. And author Dan Dillard’s short story collection, What Tangled Webs, brings readers a slew of twisted little horror tales that might just scare you into sleeping with a light on.

In “Deliver Us from Evil,” a package boy named Rob discovers that it’s not wise to break hearts—and one delivery could turn into a nightmare because of his sins. Though the punishment was a tad harsh for an egotistical playboy, but the story left me with a mean sense of satisfaction.

In “Epi3Demic,” various places across the United States are struck by people suddenly going psycho and killing those around them before taking their own lives. Sheriff Don Rogers looks for a connection, and what he finds chills him to the bone. The story has a Dean Koontz feel to it (though it’s not as deep)—as well as a unique premise—and it’ll make you rethink a certain form of entertainment.

“Quid Pro Quo” introduces readers to a miracle healer who accepts no payment and advices his patients to stay right with God. But is that really all there is to it? This creepy story will give you the chills when the characters find out what quid pro quo means for them.

Sara and George run a paranormal investigation team in “Saranormal.” A peculiar call comes in from a woman frightened by something in her house—but what Sara and George discover isn’t what they expected. A good little twist to this one will leave you in awed shock.

But these are just a few of the ten wonderful and weird tales of terror in What Tangled Webs. Mr. Dillard’s wild imagination will draw you into each story, and you’ll have no choice but to stay until the end—no matter how unnerved you might feel. I haven’t had this much fun being scared since the Twisted Tails anthologies compiled by J. Richard Jacobs.

Creepy, imaginative, and sometimes downright horrific, What Tangled Webs is a must-read for those who love a good scary short story.

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