Nights of the Red Moon Review
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According to Texas folklore, when a summer drought lingers through the fall equinox and dry dust coats the moon crimson, it’s a time of fear. The Cherokee Indians called it the Season of the Blood Moon—a time of madness and death. Unfortunately for Caddo County’s Sheriff Bo Handel, it’s more truth than folklore. He’s up to his eyeballs in craziness, and he’s barely into the fall season.

Someone murders the local minister’s wife, Amanda Twiller, and dumps her on the church’s front lawn. In recent years, she’d become addicted to narcotics and had affairs—her latest with a roughneck from town who may or may not be mixed up in drug trafficking. Finding her killer proves to be more difficult than Sheriff Handel first thought—especially when sleazy attorneys and a few drug lords get thrown into the mix.

In between domestic disturbances, shootings, and bar fights—all courtesy of the red moon—Sheriff Handel chases a killer who’s covering his tracks, one dead body at a time. It seems that serious crime has come to Caddo County, Texas, and all the sheriff can do is try to catch the killer before he gets rid of all the witnesses.

Sheriff Bo Handel might be what some would call a redneck sheriff, but there’s never any doubt that he’s got the victim’s best interest in mind—and it’s so much fun to watch how he handles the bad guys. With a witty (and often sharp) tongue, Sheriff Handel takes on the scum of Texas society, and he knows how to play the political game to his advantage. He’s one of the most entertaining characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending a few hours with. I simply love this guy!

The book’s plot, meanwhile, reminded me of one of my cats chasing its tail—and I mean that as a compliment to the author. In my mind, I saw it as a circle of suspects, with the sheriff chasing each one around and around, desperately trying to catch the killer before no suspects were left behind to solve the case. Just when you think you have it it figured out, the next suspect in the list will start to look promising—and that makes Nights of the Red Moon a truly fun mystery/thriller.

Nights of the Red Moon is a spicy, humorous, and rousing good mystery that no one should miss—especially if you’re a country gal like me, who likes a little redneck in her good guys.

Sheriff Bo Handel is just what this country needs. Pick up a copy and see if you don’t agree.

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