Electric Barracuda Review
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Whenever I head south for a little bit of Florida sunshine, I always make sure to pack the latest novel by one of my favorite Florida authors. On my latest trip, I chose a crazy caper from Tim Dorsey—and even though my sunny Florida weekend turned into more of a rainy Florida weekend, Dorsey’s Electric Barracuda made for one electrifying adventure.

If there’s one thing that Serge A. Storms knows, it’s how to run from the law. So the career fugitive and enthusiastic blogger decides to develop a new website, guiding eager tourists on a fugitive’s tour of his beloved state of Florida. With his trusty (and perpetually stoned) sidekick, Coleman, at his side, he races from the tourist traps of Kissimmee to the sandy shores of Sanibel Island, planning one great escape after another.

Little does Coleman know, though, that they’re not just running for fun. They’re being followed by two state agents, a guy in a Beemer, a mystery man, a babe in a convertible, a reality TV bounty hunter (and his entourage), and Mahoney—Serge’s nemesis, who acts (and talks) like he’s a character in a pulp fiction novel. But Serge is on an important mission—and he’s got plenty of crazy Florida friends who are more than happy to help him along the way.

Dorsey is always good for a wild and crazy (and wildly hilarious) adventure—and Electric Barracuda definitely doesn’t disappoint. Part road trip caper, part backwoods Florida travelogue, part wacky mobster history lesson, it’s a rollicking good time—a spastic, over-caffeinated romp that’s the perfect read for the attention deficient.

While the story offers loads of laughs and plenty of suspense—with Serge getting himself into (and out of) scrape after scrape—the cast of quirky characters makes the story. Serge may be a serial killer (and a pretty crazed one at that), but he has his reasons—and he only kills bad guys, which will make you feel just a little bit better about cheering him on in his race from the cops. Sure, he’s a bad guy. He’s somehow connected to every criminal in the state—and he leaves a trail of bodies wherever he goes. But he’s just so clever that you can’t help but enjoy reading about his exploits.

Still, even though you’ll be rooting for Serge, you’ll love the cops who are hunting him, too. They’re not nearly as developed as Serge is, but Mahoney especially is an entertaining character. Like Serge, he’s more than a little bit unstable. He dresses like a 1940s gumshoe—and you won’t understand a word he says. But you’ll love him for his myriad of unexpected eccentricities.

Together, Serge and Mahoney make the most entertaining of enemies. So if you’re heading to Florida for a little sun and surf, don’t leave home without Electric Barracuda. Or, if you’re stuck in the snow and you’re desperately in need of a literary vacation, be sure to book yourself a spot on Serge’s Florida Fugitive Tour. You’ll enjoy every wild and crazy surprise.

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