The Inner Circle Review
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Beecher White spends his time buried in the historical and classified documents that are kept in the National Archives. Each document tells a story, which fascinates Beecher, and he’s content to research other people’s lives and not become a story himself. But then a childhood crush shows up, and Beecher suddenly finds himself sucked into dangerous secrets—secrets that involve the President of the United States.

Clementine Kay shows up at the National Archives hoping to find information about her father, but Beecher tries to impress her by showing her the vault where the president reads classified documents. There, they accidentally discover a valuable artifact—a 200-year-old dictionary once owned by George Washington—hidden underneath a desk chair.

It’s not long before someone turns up dead and Beecher finds himself on the run, unable to trust anyone around him. Answers may lie with a man who was sentenced to a psychiatric hospital after unsuccessfully trying to assassinate the former president. But even there lies treachery, as Beecher and Clementine get entangled in a web of deceit, running from someone who’s willing to kill to keep secrets from being revealed.

Beecher White is an average and unremarkable man who’s thrust into a situation that has the potential to define who he truly is. He doesn’t possess a lot of self-confidence—something I’m not fond of in a man—but it works here. The deeper I delved into the novel, the more a grudging admiration for him began to take hold. His courage and honor shines through, making him an unlikely hero.

But what’s most fascinating about The Inner Circle is the National Archives. I’d love to get lost among old documents and learn the mesmerizing stories of those who have gone before us. What a wonderful job Beecher White possesses! And author Brad Meltzer teases us with bits and pieces of little-known history, ramping up an already adrenaline-packed plot.

Thrilling and fast-paced right from the beginning, The Inner Circle will take you on a hair-raising ride through history as it collides with the here-and-now. Brad Meltzer throws together an exceptional and gripping tale that’s riddled with secrets so well kept that only a select few are allowed within the inner circle. Come and join us! I promise that The Inner Circle will not disappoint the curious or intellectual reader.

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