A Heartbeat Away Review
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In a political crisis, there are those who seek to corrupt and hold back the whole truth, and there are those who hunger for the power that’s now within their grasp, leaving behind the innocent victims of someone’s personal agenda. Never is this truer than in Michael Palmer’s A Heartbeat Away.

Before the State of the Union address, President James Allaire prepares to deliver an unforgettable speech. But events turn terrifying when a domestic terrorist group known as Genesis unleashes the deadly virus WRX3883. The only one who knows just how deadly this virus can be is President Allaire, who headed the team responsible for its development. In order to keep the virus from spreading beyond the Capitol building, Allaire is prepared to use deadly force while keeping all but those he trusts in the dark.

Virologist Griffin Rhodes was falsely accused of terrorism after samples of WRX3883 were stolen from his lab. But he’s the only man who might be able to come up with a vaccine for the devastating virus. President Allaire offers him his freedom if he’ll help. Rhodes has no desire to help a government who imprisoned him without cause, but he reluctantly agrees to do what he can to help those trapped in the Capitol building—most of whom have no idea what’s happening to them.

Politics and medicine collide in A Heartbeat Away—a shocking thriller that’s pulsating with suspense as a macabre virus eats away at the nation’s leaders. You’ll be appalled by the actions of many of the characters. At times, I had to stop and wonder whether real people would really react this way during a crisis—and I concluded that it’s quite possible that they would, which is truly sad indeed. But you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the actions of others.

Though I didn’t agree with President Allaire’s decision to keep the public and most of his staff in the dark about what was really going on, I also recognized that he was doing what he thought best to keep from causing a panic. While I’m pretty sure that I can handle the truth, I doubt that most people can. That’s why our government doesn’t tell us everything—and why President Allaire didn’t tell his public everything, either.

Griffin Rhodes, on the other hand, is a character who’s definitely worthy of admiration. His desire for freedom has very little to do with his motivation to find a cure. He simply wants to help the people who have been victimized by a deadly virus—especially since he’s partly responsible for its existence. His courage and determination will inspire you as he works around the clock to help others.

Author Michael Palmer delivers a masterpiece of suspense with the unleashing of A Heartbeat Away. Who knew that politics and medicine could be so awe-inspiring? I, for one, plan on combing the bookstore shelves for more from Michael Palmer.

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